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Pranic Fiz Hair, Skin & Nails Effervescent Tablet

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Fizz Hair, Skin & Nails Effervescent Tablet is enriched with Phenols, Jatmansic acid, Nardal, Biotin, Cysteine Vitamin C, Copper, Zinc, Selenium and several orther vitamins. Available in delicious green apple flavour. 100% pure and made with natural ingredients

Key Benefits:

  • Enriched with more than 25 essential nutrients for overall growth of hairs, skin and nails
  • Wholesome nourishment for Hairs, skin and Nails which is effective than biotin or collagen only
  • Promotes Hairs and nail growth and makes them stronger
  • Antioxidants helps fighting with free radicals and reduces wrinkles on the skin

Direction for Use: For adults and children of more than 12 years, one tablet daily Take one tablet and dissolve in approximately 250ml of water. Allow to dissolve completely.

Safety and storage Instructions:

  • Store in cool and dry place at temperature below 25 degree Celsius
  • Keep away from children

Out of stock



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